I hope I don’t sound like a stalker but I just have to sing your praises again. I have to apologise as I have forgotten the name of my audiologist but I need to thank him again!


I have tests that I perform to gauge how well my aids are delivering sound after I get them adjusted which with another provider (name witheld) has been nothing but a nightmare as in the last 2 months there has been at least 4 attempts to get decent sound out of them (including one by the Phonak Rep).


1 talking to my wife in our lounge (high ceilings and wooden floors so lots of echo

2 Reading my book while I drive (I have a kindle so it reads to me over my car stereo)

3 Talking on the phone (lately I have been having to adjust the aids as everyone sounds muffled)

4 Watching TV


I haven’t done dinner at a restaurant or going to a movie yet but let me tell you that just the slight adjustment made yesterday (by using the type of equipment you have – testing the sound that the aid gets when I am wearing them) has made a vast difference (a truly recognisable difference in my everyday life).


Please pass on my thanks as I was able to converse for quite some time with my wife while sitting 10 feet from her without having to walk up to her and turn my ear towards her and ask her to repeat herself 5 or 6 times. Last week I drove to Longreach (15 hours) and was so disappointed when I couldn’t listen to my book as despite making all sorts of adjustments to my hearing aids and turning the volume up and even adjusting bass and treble nothing helped and I just couldn’t understand what they were saying. Today I went for a drive in the 110 zone of the M1 and listened to my book without having to adjust anything. Also talking on the phone is no longer muffled and while TV still isn’t what I want it to be (without the Bluetooth receiver) I can certainly say that I understood more last night than I have for ages.


So thanks, I can’t wait to get the new style ear moulds as I am sure they will help even more. After that appointment I will be making my feelings known to the directors of the other hearing provider (name witheld).


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