I get far better monetary value!


I came to Value Hearing several years ago, after I had a rather unsavoury experience with two audiologists in probably the best known (because of their aggressive marketing) Western Australian audiology firm. I had an excellent audiologist with them at first, but alas, she left. -For some reason…..

From her teaching, I found myself telling her replacement the facts of audiology 1.01 Not cool. Next I scored a technical genius in that firm who screwed up an audiological work reference. In a way that impressed the reader with his understanding of audiology, this buffoon managed to cast nasturtiums on my hearing, and so caused a series of flaming hoops in my recruitment process which took nearly three months to resolve. -A learned, stumbling nincompoop. A bloody buffoon.

Totally unimpressed, I googled the name of my first audiologist and found her with Value Hearing ! So inspired, I placed my trust with you, and have had several good audiologists since. You have a great management team here in support too, and I enjoy the relationship.

Furthermore: I get far better monetary value !

What a contrast to that other mercenary organisation…… !

Christo, “Value Hearing” lives up to its promise and I look forward to a long relationship with you.

Ian Whyte

I get far better monetary value!
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