It’s been 3 years since I purchased my Aids from Value Hearing,
and I would like to relate to you my experience.

At the first consultation you took a holistic approach, taking time
to listen to my problems. You then explained what options were
available, and answered all my questions, in a plain and honest manner.

I looked at many alternatives before coming to you, Online, Overseas,
Second Hand etc. I cannot stress highly enough how lucky I was by Not
taking any of these paths.

My experiences have shown, that aftersales support and assistance
is as important as the Aids themselves. The price is soon forgotten
(You were actually $2700 cheaper than my best quoted price)
but the quality and service/or lack of service still remain.
Value Hearing has well exceeded my expectations in this
regard, to the extent of even following me up for periodic checkups.

Christo, please accept my thanks, and pass on my warm regards to
Sue and Adele. You have built a Great Team!



P.S: I ever any of your clients want oral conformation of
my experience, please feel free to give them my number

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