J H – Name withheld on request


Having been told I need hearing aids, I attended audiology testing at two of Perth’s premier and well-established hearing aid centres. Both charged me over $100 for the testing, which lasted about an hour, and subsequently quoted me prices in excess of $8,500 for two hearing aids. On a whim I decided to try a third hearing aid centre and selected Value Hearing. I’m so glad I did. The proprietor and senior audiologist of the company, Christo Fourie, spent more than two hours testing my hearing in a variety of situations far more wide-ranging and extensive than the other two hearing centres. What’s more, the fee for the testing was considerably less than that charged me by the other two. However, the major factor in my decision to purchase hearing aids from Value Hearing was the fact that the price Christo quoted me for two, top-of-the range hearing aids was $2,000 less than I had been previously quoted.

Since purchasing the hearing aids I had two further consultations with Christo. Both were free and included as part of the service. Christo has also taken a couple of calls out of hours from me to answer my (fairly naïve) questions about my aids. All in all I cannot speak too highly of the prices and the service I have received from Value Hearing and would unreservedly recommend the company to anyone seeking hearing aids.

J H – Name withheld on request
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