Anyone who has experienced the process of buying a hearing aid will know it is a difficult and expensive procedure where I think in general terms there is a lack of transparency and where the buyer is at a disadvantage. For example, many of the sellers are owned directly or indirectly by a manufacturer and only present their brand of products  ( unknown and not advised to the buyer)- whether those are the best to suit the hearer’s specific needs or not. Prices are also artificially inflated in a captive market situation, and the information supplied to clients is confusing and inadequate to allow them to make an informed decision.


As one becomes more experienced as a purchaser and user of hearing aids, one is better informed and can start to see the difference between suppliers and the level of service offered, and in particular the pricing and the value for money equation. I for one considered purchasing hearing aids overseas in Asia or America at a considerable lower initial price than that available in Australia, but this has the problem of lack of service here and backup, which is a very important attribute and is not to be advised in my opinion.


It was refreshing to come across Value Hearing a couple of years ago, who provided a comprehensive web site with excellent and up to date information and who are not tied to a specific brand or product and most importantly can offer a range of products which can be tailored to your particular needs-and most importantly again at a competitive and reasonable price range. I was able to purchase a top quality product which was a big improvement on my previous experience. This was followed up with excellent service and regular consultation and adjustments as needed.


I can highly recommend Value Hearing.

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