John – Poona, Qld


With bilateral Meniere’s disease I have had longstanding hearing problems and have worn hearing aids for several years. Having undergone assessment for a Cochlear Implant I was trialled with new, upmarket digital hearing aids, which as it turned out enabled me to avoid going down the path of an implant. Before going ahead with the purchase of a pair of new hearing aids I checked out prices for the same item elsewhere. Fortunately, I discovered Value Hearing and purchased a set of aids with care packages, at an exceptionally better price. In fact a saving of greater than 25%.


Price is only one consideration though and it is the service and support which prompts me to add to the long list of testimonials. My association with Value Hearing started with Jodie Shipard and from the outset I felt comfortable as to the company’s values and their sincerity. I arranged an appointment with their audiologist in Brisbane Anna-Marie Marais. From there I’ve never looked back. The process around assessment, fitting and follow-ups has been excellent but above all, the stand out for me has been their after sales support. Sure, I had purchased the care packages but I had two instances where I can attest to a genuine high level of support. The first was a relatively simple warranty issue with an accessory and everything was handled promptly and in the interim I had the benefit of a Value Hearing loan unit, ready for pick up and tweaked to my particular setup. The second was a problem with an actual hearing aid and at the time I was overseas. An email exchange, and I had repairs arranged and effected that same day in Singapore. As you could appreciate being on holidays with one hearing aid not working, I couldn’t have been more delighted with that level of support.


To anyone with a hearing problem and contemplating hearing aids you can be assured, from my experiences, that Value Hearing is great on price and exceptional when it comes to customer care. They definitely ‘walks the talk’ as the saying goes.

John – Poona, Qld
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