” I first went to a local hearing place for one of those free hearing tests and was fitted with a trial pair of hearing aids, and made to sign a paper saying I would be responsible for $12,500  if I lost them in the week of trial.  I  was conscious the whole week of the possibility of them falling off, and meanwhile I googled other possibilities and found Value Hearing’s site.  They seemed like a good option. I took the $12,500 ones back to the local place and subsequently made an appointment with Value Hearing in Melbourne. I had the  test etc as detailed on the website. Michael Parker, the audiologist, was thorough and clear, and the cost of the Oticon hearing aids was very much less than for the equivalent ones from the first place I went to. Particularly useful was the little bit of tubing attached to each, which fits into the curl of the ear and stops them falling off. Simple and effective.  That was nearly four months ago and it’s all good so far.   Good service and aids.   Thanks very much.


Kaye    Melbourne – Oticon

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