“I had noticed a change in my hearing and could no longer put off finding a new audiologist.  I just knew it meant goodbye to the old friends my existing hearing aids had become and a hard period of adjusting with the new.  A quick search online and I was drawn to Value Hearing Services by their testimonials.  It wasn’t so much the free initial hearing test that attracted me though that was a bonus but the testimonials stating fantastic customer service.


I went in for my appointment and Julie, the receptionist, greeted me with a genuine smile putting me instantly at ease.  Alisha Hardwick was my audiologist that day and with her too I was very much at ease.  That was important for me as communicating with someone about my hearing can be difficult but not with Alisha she made it easy!  After checking with me first she took the time to explain what an audiogram means.  I have been wearing hearing aids for 36yrs and it was amazing to me that no one had thought to explain it to me before.  Thanks to Alisha I was able to make informed decisions about my hearing future.


I have had my new hearing aids for 3yrs now and after a couple visits for minor adjustments I have been able to move forward with my life.  I like the reminder emails they send to have your hearings aids checked to make sure they are still working fine and then check up before warranty expires.


I would and have recommended Value Hearing to anyone who feels they need to have their hearing checked or have noticed ringing in their ears.  I do that knowing that the staff at Value Hearing will take good care of them and only offer what they genuinely need.


Warm regards to all the team and keep up the good work!”



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