Lionel C


I first went to Value Hearing for a second opinion. I initially went to a highly regarded hearing firm which an ENT recommended and which is actually owned by a consortium of ENT’s; reputably one of the best around. After very comprehensive tests they put some top of the range Phonak aids in my ears for a week free trial. Sure they worked well, but they suggested no alternatives to me and at the next appointment the sales pitch was essentially “go with the best, you deserve it”. Friends of mine had paid up to $14,000 for the same devices and service level, so it seemed a fair deal. But after a bit of Googling, to my mind even $11,000 seemed a bit steep and  I wondered if I needed all of the features of the top of the range anyway.

Right from the first moment, Christo made me feel he was very competent and honest. I did not tell him about the previous experience and why I was there. He did all the same tests and a few more then arrived at exactly the same hearing diagnosis. Then surprisingly, he recommended a lower spec Phonak because the extra bells and whistles of the top of the range model  were of no extra benefit to my situation. To add to his credibility, Christo explained that a new very much improved model of Phonak range was about to be released in the next week, which the others had failed to mention. The new model had a significantly better processor so the bottom of the range in the new series was equivalent to a much higher spec in the old series. 

The end result was the new generation Phonak, matched exactly my needs and cost $4,500 fully serviced for 3 years. The price difference was incredible and I am very happy with the result with great after sales service. I can’t help but wonder how many others have been oversold in an industry reputed for overcharging. I am very glad I met Christo and Value Hearing. They are refreshingly honest, fair, and well qualified with access to the best testing and equipment available.

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