I have had hearing aids in the past, but because these aids were inserted in my ear, and so blocked up the ear, they produced what I can only describe as a number of weird and distorted affects. I was less than impressed with these aids but thought this was the “norm”. Down the track I did some research and before I went to Value Hearing I had already discovered that what I needed was hearing aids that sit behind the ears and allow at least some natural sounds to enter the ear. In fact, Subsequently I was tested by a couple of providers who indeed suggested this, but decided to explore Value Hearing because the aids I was considering were less expensive. I turned up without an appointment at Value Hearing in Brisbane and although I had to wait awhile, I was subsequently impressed with the knowledge of the consultant and with the service offered. The service seemed more professional than the advice I had received elsewhere. I then booked a test with the consultant and was prepared to pay $100, even though I had been tested elsewhere. In fact, the test was more extensive than I had received elsewhere and the consultant appeared more knowledgeable. So far I am confident that Value Hearing offers a service that is superior to many.

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