Hi Pauline & Adele, I cannot thank you enough for the service I have received over the time I have had my aids. I have always been happy that I went to Value Hearing but I do feel you have gone above & beyond for me. From when my aids failed before Xmas, to squeezing me in for an appointment on extremely short notice, for loaning me aids to get by, to sending my repaired aids express post when I was unlucky enough to have the loan aids fail, to loaning me a TV link, to listening to me when I explained that I felt I hadn’t been returned my own cord with the TV link, to the phenomenal after sales service from Phonak in replacing the cord with a new one (that works brilliantly-I can hear the TV again?), I have been astounded.


I am so happy that I bought my aids through Value Hearing & I could not ask for a better team than the both of you to deal with. Thank you Adele for always being a cheery voice on the other end of the phone when I call, & someone who truly listens to your clients. Thank you Pauline for your understanding, your obvious skills & your ability to make me feel quite “normal” despite my hearing loss. I hope you don’t mind as I am going to forward this email to your head office as I would like them to know what truly valuable staff they have.


Kind regards Margo


PS My aids are working so well that I don’t think I need to come & see you just yet as we discussed, so I will see you in a few months.

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