Marino Benvenuti


Hi Christo,

On arriving home I done some googling and found the Value Hearing website, it had so much information about the ins and outs of hearing loss, different brands of aids available and the testimonials were truly amazing to read.

I immediately contacted your Ardross office and Julie booked me an appointment with Emily.

My appointment day arrived and the thoroughness of testing by Emily to arrive at the best possible result was amazing. I saw the insides of my own ears for the first time. The test result was in line with previous tests but I had more knowledge of where I was at, ALL information Emily gleaned about my hearing loss she shared with me. I had never had this level of care since my very first personal audiologist some 50 odd years previous.

Emily also offered me a complimentary trial set of Phonak BTE aids which I took up along with a very affordable quote for new Phonak Q50 BTE aids some 25-30% cheaper than competitors. These competitors endorsed the complimentary aids offered but would not match the deal.

My hearing loss is unique in many ways and Emily did have issues setting them up, however she persevered and called in the services of Phonak Australia representative Anne- Marie and between them they have hit the jackpot. These aids are truly amazing, 4 programs, no more feedback ringing, Bluetooth for my phone, personal mic, product backup etc, I can now hear much better than I have had for some time.

Christo, you have a good team here at Ardross, Julie, Emily, Madi, these girls are a credit to you, so courteous, friendly, precise, it is a pleasant experience indeed to walk into that office.

Someday I hope to meet you also, I commend you on your customer philosophy you preach. I will certainly spread the word.


Thanks for being there helping the hard of hearing people of our communities.

Marino Benvenuti
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