Norm Heppel


Dear Sir,


After years in the aviation industry I suffered a degree of hearing loss in both ears so after retiring and being in a quieter environment the loss was more evident.


I was very pleased with the professional advice and service I received at Value Hearing. A comprehensive hearing evaluation confirmed my problem area and you recommended the PHONAK BTE model which I found far superior to the older in the canal type I had previously.


With the reduction of wind noise, wearing them outdoors is a pleasant experience. That was one of the drawbacks of the older model hearing aids. The aids are so light and easy to use I find I forget I have them on. I have just been back to see Christo after 12 months for an adjustment to one of the aids as I had inadvertently altered the setting. Christo in his usual cheerful manner quickly resolved the problem as well as updating the program in the aids. He then accompanied me down to the street to ensure I was happy with the adjustments in a noisy environment.


As I left he gave me his usual invitation to come back anytime I thought the aids need any further adjustments. Other than my “finger trouble” the PHONAC hearing aids have been faultless. I have no reservations in recommending the service and value I was given at VALUE HEARING. My wife is very happy with not having to repeat things all the time and with the level of the volume of the TV.


Yours Sincerely,

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