Patrick Guiton

When an initial test at a large well known group revealed significant hearing loss and the need for in- ear aids, I was shown three alternatives and invited to select one. Given the high cost involved and the fact that all three options came from one manufacturer, I declined to settle on the spot.


Back at home I explored online, soon discovered Value Hearing and quickly arranged for a second opinion with Christo Fourie. I was much impressed with Christo’s professionalism, his open and caring approach which drew me into the assessment as a partner in the process, his ready demonstration of a wide range of alternatives from a number of makers and clear explanation of the differences . The fact that Christo’s hearing aids were much lower priced than identical ones elsewhere was of course also important.


Provision of a set of aids on a week’s trial, careful fitting, thorough explanation of functions and an open ended and welcoming follow up service all added up to a highly satisfactory process. Thanks Christo and Alisha and Jodie: I’ll certainly stay closely in touch.

Patrick Guiton
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