Paul R Earl. Warwick. Queensland.

So you thought you weren’t deaf!!!

Ever been in the pub and couldn’t hear the guy next to you at the bar ?

Have you had to ask “What was that?”  when your grandchildren tried to say something to you ?

Has your wife or partner said something pleasant to you and you didn’t have a clue what she said ?

Ever been in company and someone asks you a question and without knowing what was said you attempt to answer the question and make a complete ass of yourself ?

Have you had a conversation on the phone and had to ask the caller to repeat what he/she said and been so frustrated that you swore that you would never answer the phone again ?


Do yourself a favour !!!

I have a lovely daughter in law that pleaded with me to go and have a hearing test. She by the way, is also very deaf. DEAF ? NO! HARD OF HEARING ? NO ! This lovely woman is very DEAF !!

Call it what you like ! I FOUND OUT THAT I WAS VERY DEAF!!! After I had a hearing test at VALUE HEARING and TINNITIS SOLUTIONS in Brisbane.

The professional , dedicated and caring staff at Value Hearing  proved to me in a very sensitive manner that I had a very severe hearing loss in both ears.

They fitted me with hearing aids that most people can’t see, are comfortable to wear and the price was very reasonable. (So comfortable that I quite often wear them to bed by mistake !



But, I can hear the birds chirping (something that I haven’t been able to do for approx. 20 years)

I can intelligently enter into conversations in most situations of life.

I can hear on the phone.

I can hear my grandchildren when they speak to me.

I can hear music like never before.


Thank you everybody at Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions

Paul R Earl. Warwick. Queensland.
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