Hi Christo, I would like to say a huge thankyou for your time and patience in regards to my initial enquiries and subsequent purchase of a Phonak Audeo Smart IX hearing aid and iCom. As a self funded user of hearing aids I was looking for the best deal for a replacement hearing aid and having spent some time liaising with some of the major hearing aid providers in Melbourne and found just the hearing aid I required which allowed me to use the hearing aid with Bluetooth as well as a number of different electronic devices, in particular my mobile phone using the iCom wireless connection. After falling off my chair at a $5500 price tag I started searching the net for a lower price. I found Value Hearing WA and was astounded by the low cost of the same Phonak hearing aid and iCom devices.


I called Christo to make sure it was not a mistake and was reassured that the price was correct AND there was a further discount for interstate customers. After creating a spreadsheet from hell which included variables of flight, accommodation and loss of pay, numerous emails to and fro with Christo, I took the plunge and went all the way from Melbourne to Perth for a 4 day holiday and I was still some $1700 in front. Christo was most understanding and thorough in his testing and subsequent fitting of the Phonak Audeo Smart IX hearing aid and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I recommend (and have recommended) any self funded purchaser to speak with Christo at Value Hearing WA for the best pricing and service in Australia. Kindest Regards

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