Perth Client


I have worn BTE hearing aids nearly all of my life, 66years,  being diagnosed with nerve deafness  in my first year at school. WA Education Dept supplied me with an aid all through my schooling years.

I have had many different audiologists and suppliers but I always preferred the Phonak brand. Having lived in  WA’s wheatbelt for most of my life I found them to be very reliable and good value for money.

I always had 2 sets of aids, 1 set for work and the other for social/ home use.

This year August 2015 I decided to upgrade  my social/ home set and sought an appointment with my local hearing supplier here in Armadale WA. On the day I discovered that my personal audiologist had moved on and I had a stranger do all the necessary tests and unprofessionally present me with a quote price for new BTE aids which was exhorbitant to say the least and not my preferred brand either. They did not deal in the Phonak brand.

Perth Client
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