PJ. – Perth


I have now settled down to life with my new Oticon Alta 2 Pro ITC hearing aids.  These were a replacement for my previous Oticon Epoq aids, which were approaching 8 years of heavy  usage.  I have now been using hearing aids for well over 30 years, used a number of different brands, and the technology advances in that time have been spectacular, not to mention ever increasing prices from the reputable manufacturers.  The Alta 2 Pros are very well matched for my specific needs, as I would expect from a top of the line device.  Value Hearing was able to deliver and fit these at a significant discount compared to my previous supplier (which has now been owned by Oticon for a number of years).


I would like to thank you and particularly Alisha, Julie and Madi from your Applecross (Perth) Clinic for the excellent service, organisation and value for money that has characterised my relatively short association with your business.  I have interacted with a lot of Audiologists in the past and have to say that Alisha is a stand out.  Her communication skills and technical competence have been an absolute pleasure to experience, not to mention her easy-going manner and significant time management skills.  Both Julie & Madi have also looked after me extremely well, and were also able to help me with some very prompt and reasonably priced repairs to my old aids, which I had managed to submerge in the laundry at home.  I am now able to keep them as an effective backup in case of any problems or accidents with my new ones.


I have already recommended my Sister to the girls and from what I hear, her experiences with fine tuning her existing aids have also been very positive.


I would be pleased to act as a referee for your business and your staff, should anyone require that additional confirmation.


Looking forward to a long & successful relationship.


Happy days


PJ. – Perth
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