R J – Hearing aid Review


Hi Christo I had an amazing experience last night. I stood at the back of a room full of about 200 people, and listened to the speaker at the front. There was a reasonable level of chatter in the room and the speaker was about 10 metres away, in an out-door area a couple of steps down. In the past, I’d have either moved to the front or just watched what was going on and asked someone later if anything important was said. However, on this occasion, I was able to switch to zoom control, turn up the volume of just the speaker 10m through the crowd and hear pretty much everything that was being said. Now it wasn’t perfect but the difference was just astonishing. I spoke to many people that night in the crowd and, with the zoom control on and the volume adjusted, was able to have a fairly normal conversation to the point that I was conscious of the few times I actually had to ask someone to repeat something. In the car on the way home, I switched to zoom control again and enjoyed the experience of listening to the radio without the background road noise while my wife slept in the front seat. The difference between this new Audeo Smart IX (s?) and the previous one is extraordinary.

With the older model I was often aware of the lag in response as the noise profile changed to the point I was conscious of waiting for the aid to catch up before continuing with the conversation. In quiet situations it was very good, but it was, frankly, hopeless in a room full of people where trying to have a conversation was a waste of time. It was worse than my old aids where I was able to manipulate the volume and let my brain do the processing. I think it was just working beyond its ability to process sound adequately at the level of gain required. The effect was that it just lost the speech sounds with the rest of the background noise. I guess the increased processing speed of the new model means that the aid no longer reaches a “threshold” where the limits of the processing capacity are reached. The new technology is extraordinary and all credit to your technical skill in programming the device to operate so effectively. Regards

R J – Hearing aid Review
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