Being xMilitary I had a benchmark that I expected in terms of a professional, accurate & thorough hearing assessment & consultation.  Those on the “outside” may not know that routine yearly hearing assessment is part of life in the military & given the operational necessity of some positions in the Forces IMO the staff & facilities for Defence members hearing assessment are commonly of a very high calibre.


Unfortunately my first experience of a “civi” street hearing assessment fell far short of my expectations & in addition the “discounted” purchase cost quoted was enough to choke on. I don’t consider donning a headset for a 5 min test, at a desk by an open window & then enduring a hard sell sales pitch even remotely close to professional.


In hindsight I should have just taken the headset off, laughed & walked out before the consultation was finished. But being on unfamiliar ground I succumbed to the sales pitch pressure & laid down the required sizable deposit. However, for days after, thankfully, I could not shake the feeling something was terribly wrong.


So embarking on what I should have in the first place, some thorough research had me looking very closely at Christo & Value Hearing. Things were looking good; too good in fact & I was skeptical. But I could not ignore the clear information & advice of the VH website & staff via a phonecall, the range & vastly reduced pricing of products, many unbiased favourable reviews (from various sources) & the fact that when Christo only had the Perth office people were travelling from “interstate” to see his team & still saving as well as getting superior service. Looking at the appointment length alone of anything other than a “quick hearing check” told me that this organisation takes testing, assessment & advice very seriously.


What could I lose? Well I would potentially lose my non-refundable deposit to organisation “A”, but even so at the very least I would still save several thousand $ going to VH.


Three years down the track, my skepticism may have been justified given the industry, but Christo’s VH team is a Prince among Thieves. There is no doubt for the self-funded these devices are expensive little beasts but at least at VH the expense is made as palatable as possible & you know you are not subsidising loss of profit margins for other business models & clients.


Would I recommend Value Hearing? Yes, absolutely & I already have on numerous occasions without hesitation & will continue to do so. If you have made the decision to invest in a hearing solution then do your sanity, wellbeing & hip pocket a favour & choose Value Hearing. Regardless of the saving these are still expensive products but with Value Hearing you can be confident you are getting the best advice, care, service, & value for your money. I can only hope that Christo & his team/s are around for a long time to come.

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