Ralph Selwyn


Before I obtained the Bernafon Acriva Hearing Aid from you in October, 2013, I attended three different audiologists [ over a period of some three years] . None of them made me feel, that my hearing would improve if I obtained a hearing aid from them.


Several things distinguish you from the audiologists I visited :-

  1. Your conduct is competent and professional.
  2. You operate modern computerised equipment.
  3. I saw all the test results on a TV screen . which you explained in language a layman can understand.
  4. You showed me images of my hearing canal and my eardrums.
  5. You advised me without any pressure on my choice of hearing aid. [ In fairness the other audiologist did not use any pressure on me either]
  6. You spent a great deal of your time on balancing the aids so I could hear equally on both ears , again explaining to me in simple language what you achieved.
  7. From your attitude it is obvious , that you enjoy your work and that you like your clients.
  8. My final price for the hearing aid was well below the quotes of your competitors.
  9. At all times of my four visits you were courteous and gave me the impression, that you really cared to help me .


Without any initiation by me, you communicated with me six months after purchase , to attend your office for two further visits for checking and adjustment.


You replaced my external controller after six months, because you considered it should operate after the first click instead of after two clicks.


The end results of my dealings with you are:-

  1. Unlike before, I can hear people in gatherings, even those who speak softly.
  2. For the first time in some years I can hear the Sunday sermons of my priest without cupping my ears.
  3. Above all, I again enjoy playing my grand piano and enjoy the pitch of its keyboard, particularly the upper registers.


These results are unexpected.


You have left me in better shape than I was before I attended your office.


Thank you.


Last but not least: your assistant Adele Fourie treated me at each visit with a smile which is welcoming.


Should this letter of thanks be of any use to you in assuring prospective clients [ patients ] please feel free to use any part or the whole of it for this purpose.




Ralph Selwyn

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