“Sharzi” – Shara West


I was born profoundly deaf and have faced many challenges so far on my journey of life. Maybe this is why I am a “challenging” client for an audiologist to handle? 🙂 The past 10 months have been difficult, a stressful journey with the new hearing aids I purchased and this finally ended two weeks ago when another caring audiologist introduced me to Christo………….. If you want an audiologist who listens to you, shows their passion, dedication, professionalism, but at the same time being casual and at ease, shows empathy, genuinely cares, provides the best service to you, and is very competent with the computer programs and software, I have full faith in recommending Christo!


To have my life back and living like a normal person again, is worth more than winning lotto! Priceless…… I will be recommending Christo wherever I go, and have full confidence Christo’s business will be successful, and he will have many happy clients! I’m already one of them!! Thank you Christo from the bottom of my heart…

“Sharzi” – Shara West
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