She is my Glittering Gift


Hello again Christo,

Further to my previous emails, I attended your Sydney city clinic on 1/11/18 and was seen by Thilini Peiris. She is my Glittering Gift. I will explain why.

In early 2015 I saw 2 different audiologist at 2 different practices to get hearing aids. Neither of these very experienced audiologists were able to select and program top of the range HAs that satisfied me. I hated the HAs and couldn’t wait to take them out after each use outside my home (I couldn’t cope with them at home – they were awful). Mid 2015 I was diagnosed with a fast growing, left side Acoustic Neuroma  and we decided, with the ENT surgeon, to stay away from HAs until a year after the Acoustic Neuroma was removed in March 2016.

By March 2017 I was ready to try HAs again but although I had explored your website from beginning to end and was very keen to go to Value Hearing, I was not in a fit enough condition to make the 20-30 minute taxi ride into the city and chose the closest audiologist who had about 30 years experience and was only 7 minutes away. I was fitted with a Signia Silk 7px and Cros – a great idea that didn’t work. No amount of fiddling could get me HAs that I wanted to use or keep in my ears. So a hip replacement and 2 neck surgeries later I was ready to try again and told my wife I would wait until I could make the trip to Value Hearing in the city.

So I made an appointment and found that I would be seen by Thilini. I did not recognize her name from previous visits to your website so Googled her name. I found that she was a freshly minted Audiologist from Macquarie Uni in 2016 and I must admit I had some trepidation and anxiety that I would be seen by someone with so little experience. I stewed on that thought over the few days before the appointment but came to the conclusion that you, Christo, and Value Hearing had an excellent reputation to maintain and that you wouldn’t put an audiologist in one of your prime locations unless you were absolutely satisfied that they could do an excellent job. I went to the appointment with confidence.

So now the praise. Thilini is far and away the best audiologist that I have seen. She is such a lovely caring person and explained each process clearly and with full information. She then selected a Phonak Audeo 90B and Cros for me. I walked out with the 90B and was happy with a HA for the first time. I wore that one 15 hours a day until 7/11 when she fitted me with the Cros. I now wear both 15 hours a day, only taking them out to shower. I am a very happy old boy again as I can hear my wife clearly even with the TV playing. I also could hear a friend over lunch in a busy food court without difficulty; again a first for many years.

And now why is Thilini my Glittering Gift? Thilini has Sri Lankan ancestry and “Lanka” was the classical name bestowed on the island by the Ramayana, an ancient Indian epic. A possible theory is that the name Lanka is derived from the Tamil word “ilanku”, which means “to shine” or “to glitter”, thus making Lanka a name that means “that which glitters”. Furthermore, Thilini means “gift”. On top of that, she selected a pair coloured gold.

So now you know why am one of your happiest customers. I have also started recommending Value Hearing and Thilini to my friends who have been talking about their hearing problems.

Thanks for the excellent service.
Kind regards,
Leon (Sydney)

She is my Glittering Gift
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