Since having the new aids my life has changed …


Back in 2012 I purchased my first set of Phonak hearing aids after realising that a lot the conversation with my clients were being missed, the pair I purchased did not seem to make much difference and after going back a few times to have them re setup they did not improve maybe the company never had the latest software and equipment.

In April this year I lost one of the aids and now being on a pension I could not afford to pay the price to buy new ones I was lucky to be able to buy a pair from a client of Value Hearing who had just upgraded this is where my life has changed.

I was given the name of Sue at Varsity Lakes office where they were purchased, my first contact with Sue was very professional as well very efficient with in a couple of hours I had the cost to have a hearing test and have the aids set up.

As I live in Brisbane a appointment was made for me in their Brisbane office that is where I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia where she did the test and setup the aids.

Since having the new aids my life has changed thanks Sue and Georgia both are a credit to Value Hearing I have no hesitation in recommending their company.

I also would like to thank their client who sold me the aids and put me in touch with this great company.


Redcliffe Qld

Since having the new aids my life has changed …
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