Stephen Wenke


I suffer from Meniere’s and have severe hearing loss in one ear. I have struggled with a hearing aid to the affected ear for 5 years without any real benefit.  I did a series of ‘‘hearing tests” with several local audiologist and was advised that they could have me hearing well if I purchased two hearing aids as there was some loss of hearing to my other ear too. They only offered a short trial period of a week or so with some costs involved. Fortunately my ENT specialist asked if I’d had a “speech recognition” test with the audiologist as he had strong doubts that my badly affect ear would be helped with a standard hearing aid.

I then did a search of the web and found ValueHearing listed on the Gold Coast and exchanged emails with Christo Fourie.. I gleaned some confidence from the emails and research and despite the 440km round trip, made an appointment. ( I live on the Sunshine Coast, 150km north of Brisbane). I was impressed with Christo’s thoroughness and that he did a “speech recognition” test. He said a normal hearing aid for my badly affected ear would be of no benefit as speech recognition was so poor. I was offered a Phonak Bolero Q BTE and a Phonak CROS BTE for my bad ear. I had to wait a few days and go back to Brisbane to have them fitted. I was given a 60 day trial and a 3 year full warranty and maintenance period. I needed a few adjustments to get the aides working comfortably. The price was reasonable and nearly half of other quotes and with a higher quality solution. I needed an aid that could handle “sweaty” situations.

Once I got accustomed to the hearing aids I was pleasantly surprised with what I could actually hear.  I have since enhanced my hearing ability with a few add-ons since to assist especially in noisy crowded situations, which ValueHearing have been most helpful.

I have had the hearing aids for over two years now and appreciate the follow up service by ValueHearing. This being the final year of the free maintenance period, I hope will set me up for the next few years out of warranty.

I can highly recommend Christo and ValueHearing for their professionalism and understanding of my hearing needs and the effective solution they have given me at a reasonable price.

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