I would now like to pass on to you a word of appreciation.


I received a call last Tuesday from a lady member of your staff who suggested a free consultation with an audiologist. As Pauline, who knows me, was not free at a convenient time, she suggested Nicholas Guildhary and a meeting next day, Wednesday, at Chatswood. I immediately agreed. My partner came with me.


We both were deeply impressed by the courteous, methodical and honest way in which Nicholas approached my questions. I mention honesty because when he wasn’t sure about something he said so, rather than invent an answer, which others, elsewhere, commonly do. He was patient with my own inability  to be always certain in my comments and descriptions.


Nicholas went the extra mile and adjusted my Phonak aid with improved effect without making conditions. For this and out of gratitude for his helpfulness, I insisted on paying a consultancy fee.

It was good to bump into Pauline again at your Chatswood office.

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