Warwick from Chatswood


I was very disappointed with the hearing aids I purchased from another company to the point I just ceased to wear them. With an upcoming extended holiday travelling around Asia and a persistent wife, not allowed to use the word nagging. She knew how deaf I was by the volume of the TV, and only getting maybe a quarter to a half of what my wife and people around me were talking about. This can be quite embarrassing when I answer inappropriately. An appointment was made for me at Value Hearing.

From the testing procedure through to receiving and being taught how wear and look after my hearings aids, the staff at Value Hearing were amazing. I haven’t looked back since the first time I worn them. My wife was so excited as well, stating with a cheesy grin, “Welcome back to the real world”. I haven’t missed one conversation with interesting people we’ve met throughout our travels.

My wife loves them, as she no longer has to shout to get my attention – embarrassing in a crowd. I am so used to having excellent hearing now, I have to remember to take them out before swimming and taking a shower. When I do take them out I now realise how deaf I really am. I now have to let my wife know when I’m “going off air”, so she doesn’t think I’m ignoring her. I’d really be lost without my hearing aids now.

I’d like to thank the wonderful staff at Value Hearing. I’m glad my wife found you.

Warwick from Chatswood
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