Your explanations made the choice easy


Thank you very much for the time spent with me this afternoon , your  easy going manner and the visual aids with your explanations made the choice easy!
I am amazed at the difference they have made even in the few hours I have been wearing them .The results are far superior to the other units I have trialed, even in front of the tv where I am at the moment ,without even connecting the tv unit the performance and clarity
Is amazing.
Your soundproof booth and the general quietness of the area made a noticeable difference to the testing.
The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside the building was the noise of approaching vehicles on the wet road, they were comfortably audible without blowing my head off as the previous units had done.
Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
Kind regards
Ron R
Your explanations made the choice easy
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