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When I decided to get hearing aids I was very confused. It all started when I walked into a hearing aid shop and had my ears tested and was told I needed hearing aids so they set me up with a half an hour appointment. The audiologist was very professional and he prescribed a set of hearing aids and said walk around the shopping centre and see what you think. It was very quick and I did not have a clue. I had so many questions none could be answered in one half an hour session. When I went back after the walk through the shopping centre the audiologist said I could take them if I paid for them now on a trial period. When he told me how much they cost I was startled. They cost more than my car I was thinking. I told the audiologist, no thank you I will think about it. Then I read choice magazine and they do not recommend any particular brand or model, there are so many to choose from. They did say check around because the price for the exact same hearing aid could be thousands of dollars difference. Which turned out to be very true. I then tried a private audiologist who turned out to be a lot less expensive than the first for the same brand and type of hearing aid. But I wasn’t completely happy with this audiologist because he did not use real ear measurements. I decided to put it into the too hard box and not get any at all. Just by chance I ran into Christo he was very professional. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered them all with a video. It was so reassuring. He explained different types of hearing aids and introduced me to Emma. That was the best thing that happened to me as far as hearing aids go. I made an appointment to see Emma at Bondi. She had talked to Christo and they had the hearing aids that we discussed about ready for me to try. It was a two hour appointment. It took the full two hours for her to explain everything to me. She did an excellent job and is very professional. She then said I will see you in two weeks to answer any more questions. I did not think I would have any more questions, and at the second interview Emma find tune the hearing aids and gave me a TV connector free. I told her I didn’t need a TV connector but now I am extremely happy that I have it as it makes such a difference. She recommended a few other things that I did not even think about. I did not go to Value Hearing because they were the cheapest but because they were the most professional in my opinion. But it turned out that they were a lot less expensive than all of the others and included many extras and also the time that Emma and Christo took to explain how to use the hearing aids to get the most benefit from them.
Coming from the south coast is no problem, the train from Wollongong goes straight to Bondi and Emma’s office is next to the train station. The train ride is beautiful. I hope this helps.
South Coast New South Wales

When he told me how much they cost I was startled

Thank you for referring me to see Emma at your Bondi Clinic.

The appointment went very smoothly and professionally and Emma gave us a detailed explanation and understanding of the process.

I was very impressed with the level of testing that she carried out, using Real Ear measurement to ensure that the aids were suitability calibrated with a great result right from the initial visit.

I was very confused about Hearing and the use of Hearing aids beforehand but now feel very comfortable going forward with Value Hearing.

Thank you for the time and effort that you have given me with prompt email replies and video explanations which have been extremely helpful.

The appointment went very smoothly and professionally

“After realising that my hearing had deteriorated to a point that I was missing out quite a lot in general conversations and interactions with others I carried out some web research and came to the fortunate decision to contact Value Hearing in Perth for an initial appointment. From the outset I was most impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff and by my comprehensive and unhurried assessment by Alisha.

Since purchasing my first pair of Phonak Smart V aids in January 2011, I have continued having regular reviews and adjustments, plus updated my original devices twice (once in 2015 and again in 2019), to make the most of the advances in technology. Having such a trusted audiologist like Alisha to assist with my ongoing hearing problems has been appreciated immensely.

I could not rate Value Hearing as anything less than 10/10”

Best wishes

Bob McCarthy

From the outset I was most impressed by the professionalism and friendliness
I have been a Value Hearing client since 2015.
I wanted to compliment Emma at the new Value Hearing, Bondi Junction clinic for listening to and solving my issues with my hearing aids. I had put off making an appointment, as previously, I had to travel to the city from Kingsford, NSW, consequently, I had stopped wearing my hearing aids as my hearing had deteriorated further.
Emma changed my mind about wearing my Hearing aids! She tuned them to perfection and added some compression, which meant that I was actually able to hear in noisy environments! I am now wearing my aids again, thanks to Emma’s expertise.
I will be upgrading my next set of hearing aids with Value Hearing!
Well done Emma!
Hearing Aids tuned to perfection

Just providing feedback for my recent appointment with Emma in Bondi.
I found her to be a highly professional and competent practitioner. Great communicator who was able to explain aspects to my hearing aides that I wasn’t familiar previously.
Very satisfied with her excellent service.

Bondi Junction client

Great communicator
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