Waterproof Hearing Aids

Waterproof And Dust Proof Hearing Aids Now Available

The recent release of waterproof hearing aids on the Australian hearing aid market is an exciting development for hearing aid users across the country. Hearing aid wearers are no longer restricted in where they can wear their hearing aids, offering their users the ultimate in freedom to participate in any activity they choose. The love affair with our beautiful beaches and active lifestyles can continue unabated for hearing aid users and their families.


Siemens Hearing Instruments were the first to launch their waterproof hearing aids, the Siemens Aquaris. This water and dust proof device was the first to boast this exciting new capability. The Siemens Aquaris has been tested and passed to international standards to be waterproof to a distance of one metre for thirty minutes, and can withstand the majority of dusty environments most users will find themselves in.  To see the Siemens Aquaris IP rating tests, have a look at the video below.


These exciting new waterproof hearing aids are the ideal match for people who enjoy water sports, are heavy sweaters, live in humid environments, or work in hot or dusty areas. To truly have a hearing aid you can put on and forget about without limitations, contact Value Hearing and  book in an appointment with our hearing specialists today.

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