View Video Finding the best hearing aids can be difficult, and the process becomes more clouded when trying to determine the right price to pay for your hearings aids.  Of course, the only answer to this dilemma is to educate yourself on the different

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The hearing aid industry has undergone some major changes in the last few years, not only in terms of technology, but in terms of available styles as well. Until recently, ‘invisible’ hearing aids referred to the completely-in-canal (CIC) style hearing

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A common misconception about hearing aids is that they are big and ugly. However, with advancements in technology, there are now more options than ever before when it comes to hearing aids. In fact, most people are pleasantly surprised when they see ju

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Hearing Aids

There are many hearing clinics and websites out there manipulating the hearing aid market to better serve their practice. Hearing aid prices from these clinics and websites vary from very expensive to obnoxiously cheap, highlighting massive discrepanci

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True to its name the Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid is located completely inside your ear canal. This location boasts two benefits – it renders the aid almost completely invisible and the sound the aid produces has a natural quality. Completely In

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In The Canal Hearing Aids

Considered the best hearing aid on the market by some of the people who wear them, In The Canal Hearing Aids are custom fit to your ear canal’s size and shape. Although this style of hearing aid is slightly larger than smaller In Canal aids (like the I

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Hearing Aid Types

There are various different styles and types of hearing aids to suit different levels of hearing loss, with different capabilities and features. Click through on the types of hearing aids listed below for more information on each, including advantages

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Widex Launched UNIQUE™

UNIQUE™ Widex has recently launched their newest hearing aid technology called the UNIQUE™. The new Unique range replaces the well-known DREAM™ range. With the incredibly wide dynamic range of 108dB the Unique can give you access t

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Phonak Virto V50-10 O CIC

The Virto V50-CIC is a discrete custom device that offers wireless connectivity (where size allows). It features an automatic program (AutoSenseOS) that adapts between three listening environments, as well as improved noise reduction compared to the V30 series.

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Phonak Virto V70-10 O CIC

The Virto V70-CIC is a discrete custom device offering wireless connectivity. Several features have been removed from this device including directionality, DuoPhone, Speech in 360 and Speech in Loud Noise programs).

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Phonak Virto V90-CIC

The MC is the smallest device to offer the full range of V70 technology, directional microphones, and wireless capability. It is this reason that makes it a popular choice for those who want a device that will perform well yet is discrete in size.

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Starkey Z Series i70 CIC

The Z-i70 CIC includes an automatic program and noise reduction features. Due to the small size of the device, there are no directional microphones, meaning that it does not perform as well in background noise as other Z-i70 devices.

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