Hearing technology has come along way since the very earliest attempts to correct hearing loss. Hearing aids as we know them today are a result of two important pieces of miniaturisation – electronics and batteries. Without the exponential advances in these two areas, it’s doubtful that we’d see all the hearing aid success stories we see
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Telecoils help you hear in concerts. Value Hearing explores this feature
Going to a concert, attending a lecture or going to a house of worship can be a challenge when you have difficulty hearing. The good news is that in conjunction with your telecoil hearing aid, many venues have special systems to help called hearing loops – or, more technically, an audio induction loop. You’re possibly
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Choosing the right hearing aid, in consultation with your audiologist, should give your best possible hearing. A new hearing aid will have the latest technology* such rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity and supporting apps. They are also discreetly sized, offer remote support. New ones are coming onto the market have sensors to detect medical conditions and
Once you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, you’ll know how essential they are getting the most out of life. So it’s no surprise that some clients experience a moment of panic when their hearing aids don’t work. While we welcome anyone to call us at anytime about their hearing aids, we have some
With the heat of summer over, a number of fortunate retirees might be considering hitting the road and joining the caravan of grey nomads. But before you set off, there are things you should do to maximise your enjoyment and to stay safe on the road. Before you go Clothing packed? Check! Car serviced? Check!
One of the big benefits of new technology is being able to enjoy familiar activities in a new way. With smartphones and tablets now commonplace, listening to your favourite stories in the form of audiobooks, whenever and wherever you want is more convenient than ever. You can listen to them during long drives and flights,
The popular Phonak Marvel, which was nominated for an Edison Award for design this year, is now available with Telecoil and new SlimTip Titanium. Since its release in late 2018, the Marvel range has been very well received by our clients. They enjoy improved hearing with its 3rd generation super directionality, which offers the best hearing
Value Hearing looks at how to clean your hearing aids
Hearing aids are a modern miniature technological marvel. And like all sophisticated pieces of equipment, they need regular care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. There are two main parts of any hearing aid that need daily attention: the microphone (where the sound enters the hearing aid), and the receiver/speaker (where the
Value Hearing congratulations Phonak - its Marvel hearing aid is a finalist in the 2019 Edison Design Awards.
Everyone here at Value Hearing congratulates the team at Phonak. The new Marvel hearing aids have been named a 2019 Edison Awards Finalist in the Consumer Electronics & Information Technology category. Since its release in late 2018, the Marvel range has been very well received by our clients. They are enjoying improved hearing with its 3rd
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Value Hearing looks at whether your Bluetooth Hearing Aids can be hacked.
At Value Hearing, we get asked plenty of thoughtful questions from our clients about their hearing aids. Most recently, the questions have centred on Bluetooth technology. One has been on radio frequency radiation and now a client has asked a question about the cyber security of Bluetooth hearing aids. Before we get into that, first