Essentials Package

From: $23.00 / month

The Essentials Package is ideal for you if you live more than an hour away from our clinic, but travel to the clinic location at least twice a year. It is also perfect for a more experienced Hearing Aid user, who only require the most basic aftercare. For a low price you receive up to $540 in value (calculated if services and inclusions are calculated on a PAYG basis)

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60 per Aid (1 Year supply)

30 Minute Consultations

Up to 2 FREE Consultations with the Clinician to ensure you get the best out of your hearing aids. Normally charged at $150 per visit.

Extra Visits

10% Off

Loan Aids

Free loaner for up to 3 Weeks when your's is away for repair. Worth $75 per aid per loan.

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